As i´ve said i was going to announce something really spectacular this week. Something that has never been done in the field of webcomics. I don´t know how spectacular it really is (and i bet some of you will get a bit pissed off) but i do think it never has been done in webcomics before and it is pretty damned unique with the way media works these days. But with this episode Rock Manlyfist ENDS as a webcomic and will now become print-exclusive. All further adventures of Rock Manlyfist will run in the Swedish Herman Hedning comic book from now on. The next story chronologically will run in issue 9 this year. It starts where this one ends. But there will also be a brand new print exclusive story in issue 5 that fits in between The Shadow over Schlongdrip and The Brainmeltaphine conspiracy.

I don´t really like being called a “comics veteran”, because it makes me feel old, but the truth is that i  have been making money drawing stuff for over 25 years. I really didn´t have any business starting a webcomic at my age and that stage of my career. But for years i´ve thought about doing a weekly continuing sunday page style adventure comic. That´s the comics format of the gods as far as i´m concerned. And i had this toxic mix of 80´s action movies, men´s adventure paperbacks, old arcade fighting games, heavy metal (the music, not the magazine) and “Fantasy art” swirling around in my brain that i HAD to do something about. I was CONVINCED that there was no way i could ever sell this type of comic to any magazine or comic book. The internet was the ONLY way to go. Making any serious money was out of the question. Well, luckily i was completely wrong on all counts. Rock Manlyfist now runs in one of Sweden´s best selling comic books and it pays most of my rent too. If you´d told me this in september 2010 i wouldn´t have believed you.

This will not be the last time i try something like this by the way. The most important thing i learned from doing a webcomic is this: If you want to do cool shit, just go ahead and make it. Don´t wait for the right “opportunity” because it may never come.

See you in the funny papers in general and this one in particular.