Look at the time. This is strip number fiftytwo and that means Rock has been going for a year already. What do you say, should i keep going another year? Ok, i will! I´m having so much fun it´s stupid. But listen up people, in order for this thing to work i need a little bit of help from YOU! If you like this comic and have a blog, or a Twitter-account, or Facebook, a webcomic of your own or you frequent forums and whatnot… Would you please help me spread the word about Rock Manlyfist? Don´t spam or anything. Just mention it and provide a link. I don´t ask for donations and i don´t hawk any T-shirts or books or any other trinkets (yet). All i want for the moment is eyeballs on the screen.

I myself regularly read these fine webcomics: American Barbarian, Imy, Muktuk Wolfsbreath – hardboiled shaman, Liberty meadowsAmerican Elf and Biff Zongo

I´m also going to give a shoutout to some folks that have been extra helpful in plugging Rock Manlyfist in different ways, or just helping out. I have probably forgotten a bunch of people, but here goes. In no particular order,  special thanks to Henrik and the others at Shazam.sePidde Andersson, Mats Lerneby, The Hög av Serier (High on comics) PodcastPeter Bergting, Jonas Andersson, Erik Larsen, Joakim Gunnarsson, Fredrik StrömbergJenny Berggrund, Mikael Bergkvist, Fleenguy, Jenny HannulaFred Andersson, The comic chatcast and Henrik Persson.

If i have forgotten anyone let me know and i´ll include you next year!:)

As you may or may not know being an artist is my day-job. I have been working and making my money in regular, old, dead-tree media for over twenty years. But doing a webcomic has put me in touch with the people who read my stuff in ways i never could have dreamed of. I may not make much money doing this particlar comic but it has been greatly rewarding nonetheless. I put stuff out and i get awesome stuff back. A prime example of this is the following video by Matte Matik. What better way to end this birthday post?